Cleaning out Junk in the House? Here Are the Top Things to Get Rid Of

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No matter how clean they keep their home, most people struggle at times with feeling like it is too cluttered. Perhaps you can relate to having large items in your garage, basement, attic, or spare bedroom that you don’t know what to do with and have not used in years. A cluttered house results from a combination of hanging on to too many old and large items as well as everyday disorganization such as piles of mail or school papers. The key to living in a clutter-free home is to start by eliminating the big items and work your way down.

Big Items to Eliminate from Your Home

The first thing to do when you want to get rid of junk in the house is take inventory of what you have. That will inspire you to action much more than a vague wish to make the house look better. Go into those areas of the home where you store large unwanted items and write down what you have. If you are like other homeowners, you have only held onto these items because you don’t know what else to do with them. Your list will likely include some of the following:

  • Broken computers and television sets
  • Broken or worn couches, chairs, or beds
  • Exercise equipment
  • Old desks
  • Old appliances that you have replaced
  • Large musical instruments that no one plays anymore
  • Car parts for cars you no longer own
  • Non-functional lawn mowers and other outdoor equipment

Perhaps you tried to throw these items away or recycle them and your city garbage service would not accept them. You might have even tried to sell them at a garage sale or give them away to charity and no one else wanted them either. That is certainly frustrating, but Junk Shot can help. We specialize in hauling away large or bulky items for homeowners and cleaning up commercial job sites. You can reclaim your space again!

Declutter by Organizing Your Smaller Items

Once you have eliminated large unwanted items from your home, it is time to organize anything else that you consider clutter. To do this, have four large boxes or bags available and label each one keep, give away, store, or throw away.

You will then want to tackle the clutter in one room at a time. Look at each item and decide if it is something you want to keep. If so, simply dust it and put it back on a shelf or wherever else it belongs. Place anything that is still in reasonably good condition that you would like to donate to charity in a separate bag or box. The same is true of things you do not need right now but would like to keep for future use.

Lastly, decide which items are no longer usable and throw them in the trash can. You will want to check with your local garbage service to ensure it will accept each item. Try to recycle as many things as you can.

Junk Shot looks forward to helping you organize your home. Contact us for more information today.



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