Bulk Junk Removal to Prepare for the Holidays

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You will be seeing your entire extended family for Christmas this year for the first time in many years. You feel so excited about it that you even agreed to host. The only problem is that you have an old mattress, treadmill, and large desk that you have not looked at in years, yet alone used. It was just easier to stuff these things downstairs and try to forget about them. That plan worked for a while, but now you need to get rid of these things quickly to make room for everyone to feel comfortable at your home.

The Typical Solutions and Why They May Not Work

When people have items that they no longer want, they typically throw them away, attempt to recycle them, or donate them to charity. However, some things are too large for your usual trash hauler to pick up or it does not contain the right types of materials for recycling. With some items, such as a used mattress, charities have no desire to take it either. If they are unable to sell or give it away, it simply takes up room in their warehouse. Fortunately, this does not mean that you are stuck with these large and bulky items forever.

You may want to check with your local city government to see if it hosts a free recycle day. These are annual or semi-annual events that allow home and business owners to drop off items their regular trash collector will not take or that are difficult to recycle. However, not every community offers this opportunity and those that do may have a host of rules you need to abide by before you can leave your item. While some are free as a community service, others require you to pay a per-item fee.

Another possible solution is to hold a garage sale and include the large items that you have been unable to get rid of otherwise. Keep your expectations low as most people will not want to take outdated items home such as a computer that still operates with floppy discs or a living room chair with décor from the 1970s. Depending on their condition and usability, placing an online ad in a neighborhood group or on Craig’s List might help you clear up the space these items take up in your garage, attic, or basement.

How to Get Rid of Your Junk Forever

Junk Shot, a residential and commercial junk hauler with multiple locations in Florida and Texas, wants to help you clear away your unwanted items and have your home look perfect for the upcoming holidays. Whether you no longer want home goods such as an old refrigerator, television, or couch or you need to clean up a construction site for your business, we are here to help.

We make it as easy as possible by asking you to send us a picture of the items you want removed or cleaned up. You can also complete an online form. Once we receive your request, we will contact you within one hour to schedule your pick-up time. Please contact your nearest location today to learn more.



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