The Environmental Benefits of Bulk Junk Removal

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Getting rid of old junk and clutter is good for the mind and the soul. When you get rid of junk, you may notice yourself feeling lighter and freer, and your home may instantly seem cleaner and more organized. But, the benefits of junk removal go far beyond your home — it helps the environment as well. Take a look:


Saves Energy on Storage

When you’re storing old junk, you’re generally incurring some storage-related energy costs. For instance, if that junk is in your basement, you may be paying money to heat or cool that space, even though you aren’t using it. Once you get rid of the junk, you can spread out and enjoy your basement — your energy bills may not go down, but at least, now, you’re heating and cooling an area that you’re actually using.


Improves Indoor Air Quality

Your home is a mini environment, and if you want that environment to be healthy, you need to reduce allergens. Dust, animal hair, dead skin, and over unsavory elements can build up on old junk and degrade your indoor air quality. When you get rid of your junk, you have fewer places to hide and harbor allergens.


Reduces Wasted Fuel

If you haul off your own junk, you have to spend money on fuel to get to the landfill. At the same time, anyone else who is getting rid of junk in your area, is also using fuel to get to the landfill. All these small trips add up. In contrast, when you hire a junk removal company, one truck can pick up junk from multiple homes. Then, that truck takes the junk to a landfill or recycling centers, reducing the total number of vehicles headed to the dump.


Increases Recycling Opportunities

You probably know that electronics are full of all kinds of heavy metals and toxins that are terrible for the environment. If these items get into the landfills, the toxins from their metals can leach into the ground and ultimately get into the water supply. In most places, it’s illegal to throw out electronics and appliances, but if you’re like mostly people, you’ve probably gone on a cleaning spree, found an old cell phone or a broken computer keyboard, and just thrown it into the trash for convenience sake.

When you set up junk removal, you can rest assured that these items will not reach the landfill. Quality junk removal companies go through the junk they pick up. They put useable items back into service by donating them, but they also recycle old electronics, appliances, and similar types of waste. That protects the environment.

Ready to clean up your home? Want to protect the environment at the same time? Now, you can do both. You just need to schedule bulk junk removal. To learn more or to schedule a pick up, contact us today. At Junk Shot, we also have an incredible app. Just take a picture of your junk, upload it to the app, and we’ll get you a quote ASAP. The Junk Shot App eliminates worries about extra fees or expenses.



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