Keep Your Home Looking Fresh for the Holidays with Yard Waste Removal

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The holiday season is quickly approaching and you are likely planning for visits from family and friends near and far. Of course you’ll want your home to look its best. You’ll probably do a deep clean, set out fresh towels and sheets, and put up decorations. But have you thought about the outside of your home? After all, that’s the first impression your guests will see when they arrive. Consider the following outdoor home and lawn maintenance tasks for the fall and winter seasons and then call JunkShot for yard waste removal.


Home Upgrades

Fall is the perfect time for home owners to engage in major home update projects. The weather is far more enjoyable than the heat of summer, and there is a lower risk of storms damaging all the work you just put in. This is the perfect time to install energy-efficient windows, add on a deck, or build a pool.


Planting a Garden

Early fall is the best time to plant herbs and vegetables when you live in Florida. The temperate weather is best and helps them grow like crazy. You can section off an area of your back yard and add a garden bed to plant your favorite vegetables and herbs for cooking. Consider tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and cilantro so you can make your own pico de gallo.



Many plants will go into hibernation for the fall and winter months. Fertilizing your trees and large shrubs is best completed at the beginning of winter. Using a high-phosphorus fertilizer will help them grow stronger roots that keeps them healthy until spring. Fertilizing the rest of the lawn can wait until spring time.



Adding mulch to your lawn helps keep the soil warmer and moister so your delicate plants don’t freeze during the occasional cold days. You can use wood chips, gravel, straw, and even grass clippings as your mulch material. This will also help to make spring planting and fertilizing more successful.


Yard Clean Up

The heat and storms of summer can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior and lawn. Take the time to spend a weekend in the fall cleaning up around the yard. Rake up leaves, comb gravel, power wash siding and cement areas, and organize or put away any outdoor gear you won’t be using for a while.


Call JunkShot for Yard Waste Removal!

After all that cleaning you’ll likely have a fair amount of yard waste that you need to have removed. Depending on the laws where you live, you may not be able to just toss it in the trash. Your best bet is to snap a pic of what you have, send it to us at JunkShot, and we’ll respond with a quote! Then we can schedule a time for yard waste removal to get it out of your way! Your home will be looking great for the holidays and you’ll have one less thing to worry about!



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