How to Deal With Bulk Yard Waste Removal

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Fall brings football, crisp weather, comfortable sweaters, pumpkin spiced everything, but also, a lot of yard work. If you’re planning to clean up your yard after the summer, you may be wondering what to do with all that yard waste. Check out these ideas:


Mulch Your Waste

If you have a lot of tree branches, you may want to rent a wood chipper or a mulcher and turn that waste into mulch. Then, you can use that mulch to line gardens or create decorative borders around your yard. If you like, you could even give the mulch or wood chips away to friends and neighbors. However, this option is time consuming, and it can be dangerous so make sure to exercise due caution or consider hiring a professional to help you.



Depending on the type of yard waste you have, you may be able to upcycle it. For instance, people sometimes break up concrete pads and then, they use the small pieces of concrete to create a fun path through their yard. You can also turn old leaves into compost or use a few in art projects. However, even the most intense art project usually only requires a handful of leaves so you still have to find a home for the rest of them.

Do you have old branches? Then, you may want to head to Pinterest for a few upcycling ideas. You can paint old branches, cover them in twinkly lights, stick them in vases, or find other fun ways to display them in your home.    


Call Your Garbage Company

Sometimes, you can send old yard waste with your garbage company, but keep in mind that some waste management companies have limits on the amount of yard waste that they will accept. Additionally, if you just stick the waste next to your garbage can, you will likely face a surcharge for additional bags. If you’re paying to throw away bags of leaves that you have raked up, that can really add up.


Rent a Dumpster

 You may want to rent a dumpster. Then, you can throw all your old yard waste into the dumpster as you work. However, with a dumpster, you have to be willing to give up your driveway for a while, and if you put it in the street, you usually have to pay for a permit to your city. Additionally, if you don’t have a lot of yard waste, renting a dumpster may not be cost productive.


Ignore It

You can also just choose the path of least resistance and leave the waste in your yard. That can be messy and unsightly, and if it’s in the front yard, you may break local codes and face fines or penalties. Additionally, layers of leaves can create a home for rodents or pests.


Hire a Junk Removal Company

Rather than dealing with the expensive, time consuming and sometimes dangerous options above, consider hiring a junk removal company. When you call us at Junk Shot, we come out and pick up your waste for you. We have a great app that makes getting a quote easy so you don’t have to worry about breaking the budget. To learn more, contact us today.



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